Advancing Surveying: Merging Terrestrial & Hydrographic Scanning

Arc Surveying and Mapping: A Tradition of Innovation

In the late 1980s, John F. Sawyer, with his dredging background, identified a market gap for a surveying company specializing in accurate hydrographic surveys and quantity calculations.
Arc Surveying and Mapping(Arc) was founded in 1989 to fill this need. The family-owned and operated business thrives under the leadership of three brothers who manage day-to-day operations.

Hydrographic surveying forms a significant portion of Arc’s expertise. Their work spans the Caribbean Islands, with completed projects stretching from Panama to New York.  Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Arc has expanded its reach with satellite offices in Memphis, Tennessee, and Melbourne, Florida.

John K. Maffett, PSM, joined Arc in 2000, bringing his mapping background honed through self-taught AutoCAD skills during his time as a drafter with the City of Jacksonville’s survey section.  His experience encompasses a wide range of projects, from traditional boundary and topographic surveys to cutting-edge 3D laser scanning and bathymetric/hydrographic surveys.

John’s dedication to continuous learning is evident in his recent achievements: a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Business Administration with a marketing major. He is a licensed surveyor in Florida and has spent the last decade at Arc, specializing in 3D laser and sonar scanning and all aspects of point cloud data management.

John emphasizes that Arc’s success stems from their commitment to embracing innovation and maximizing the potential of current technologies.

Arc Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology

Arc has a long history of adopting innovative technology. They were early users of laser scanning, purchasing the second Ilris scanner in the US. Their commitment to staying competitive led them to the Riegl VZ-400 scanner, known for its in-house support and efficient processing.

Arc’s underwater expertise is on display through their use of multibeam and singlebeam sonar, Blueview 3D sonar, and magnetometers. For data processing, they rely on industry-standard software like RiSCAN Pro and Hypack.

John highlights the scanner’s versatility, transitioning from traditional land use to mobile scanning with boats and vehicles. This allows them to collect above- and below-water data simultaneously, creating a comprehensive picture of survey sites.

In John’s experience, the Riegl system excels in accuracy, user-friendliness, and efficient workflows, making it a perfect fit for Arc’s needs.


Arc Supports Freeport Harbor Expansion

Since 2010, Arc has provided crucial surveying services for Freeport Harbour Company’s (FHC) ongoing expansion projects. Near West Palm Beach, Florida, Freeport Harbour is a major shipping hub handling the world’s largest container ships.

Arc ensures safety by coordinating closely with harbor personnel and vessels during surveys. They perform topographic and hydrographic surveys, including pre- and post-dredge assessments, to support construction and maintain accurate nautical charts.

In 2014, Arc mobilized a fully equipped survey vessel to complete a detailed bathymetric and shoreline survey, meeting strict British Admiralty Charting Standards. This comprehensive survey, utilizing advanced multibeam sonar and laser scanning technology, provided critical data for planning the harbor’s expansion and stabilizing future berths.

Arc’s expertise is instrumental in FHC’s continuous expansion efforts at Freeport Harbour.

Arc Assists Raystown Dam Repairs

Arc partnered with Zoppo Construction on a Baltimore District Army Corps of Engineers project at Raystown Dam. The project involved replacing tainter gate seals and troubleshooting a mechanism issue that caused the gate to bind.

Arc utilized laser scanning to capture the gate’s movement and identify the source of the binding. By precisely recording the gate’s position throughout its operation, Arc enabled adjustments to the lifting mechanism, resolving the binding problem.

Advancing Towards the Future

With an eye toward the future, Arc continues to embrace emerging technologies like drones, expanding its arsenal of tools to enhance surveying capabilities further. John K. Maffett, PSM, underscores the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements. “To remain industry leaders, we must continually innovate and leverage the latest technologies to deliver exceptional results,” he affirms.

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