Unveiling Red Witch: Arc Surveying’s Cutting-Edge Survey Vessel

Introducing Arc Surveying’s newest addition to our survey fleet, the Red Witch. This 30’ survey machine is equipped with twin outboards, boasting a raised work deck of 12’ and an extra-large interior cab loaded with the latest computers, hardware, and software supporting a multitude of surveying techniques. From multibeam to sidescan, mag to sub-bottom, a laser scanner for geophysical surveys, and more, the Red Witch is designed to handle it all.

Advanced Technology for Comprehensive Surveys

The Red Witch is not just any vessel; it’s a cutting-edge platform designed for nearshore/offshore and inland waterways. Capable of completing surveys in shallow to deep waters, this vessel is equipped to tackle projects wherever they may be. Its recent accomplishments include completing 6 nm of resistivity geophysical, multi-beam, and dual-frequency surveys in depths ranging from 4’ to 60’ in Mobile Bay. Additionally, it recently conducted multibeam surveys 8 NM offshore Florida’s coast.

Enhancing Survey Capabilities

With its state-of-the-art technology and robust capabilities, the Red Witch elevates Arc Surveying’s surveying capabilities to new heights. Equipped with multibeam and sidescan sonar systems, along with advanced geophysical sensors, it delivers high-resolution data essential for accurate mapping and analysis.


Providing Reliable Solutions for Your Projects

Whether you have an ongoing project or one on the horizon, the Red Witch is ready to deliver precise and reliable survey data. Reach out to us to connect and for
more information and experience firsthand why the Red Witch is one of the leading survey vessels in the industry.

In conclusion, the Red Witch represents Arc Surveying’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of surveying. With its cutting-edge technology and versatile capabilities, it is poised to tackle the most challenging survey projects with precision and efficiency.

Explore precision with Arc Surveying’s Red Witch. Contact us for advanced survey solutions!