The Jacksonville Port Authority (Jaxport) has utilized Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. for condition, pre and post dredging surveys for over twenty (20) years.

Arc is responsible for providing the port with accurate and timely survey results that are transmitted to the port Project Manager then on to the harbor pilots for navigation purposes. Jacksonville Harbor Pilots have a high confidence level in Arc’s surveys.

Jaxport is an international trade seaport that is rapidly expanding and has many berths that are subject to rapid shoaling as sediments continuously flow down the St Johns River and its tributaries towards the port.

During rainy seasons, sediments encroach at some of the berths at rapid rates and require monthly dredging to assure depths are adequate for berthing of barges and ships.

Arc is on call to the port and responds to survey requests within 24 hours, often providing survey results within hours of survey completion.

Arc provides pre and post-dredge surveys and quantity calculations to the Port Project Manager and the port dredging contractor.

At the completion of dredging, Arc performs post-dredge surveys assuring project grade is achieved and computes the quantity of material excavated.

Having over thirty (30) years of dredging surveying experience, Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has provided detailed subsurface geophysical surveying services contributing to the success of Jaxport’s 47 ft deepening and widening project, completed during 2022, seven months ahead of schedule.

The complex geologic structures of the St Johns River / Jaxport deepening area were clearly identified by Arc, permitting the dredging contractor to understand 100% of the subsurface, assisting in appropriate selection of dredge excavator types.

Jaxport currently supports more than 138,000 jobs throughout the region and creates $31 billion in economic impact every year.

More information regarding the Jaxport Harbor Deepening project is available on the USACE website.