Canaveral Ports Project

Canaveral, Florida

image of hydrographic survey in port canaveral


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Jacksonville, Florida


Cape Canaveral, Florida


  • Offshore Beach profile and borrow/disposal area
  • RTK/GPS Horizontal & Vertical Control and Positioning of Vessel
  • Construction Surveys
  • Completed surveys in less than 15 days

During the Spring of 2009, Arc Surveying and Mapping was issued a task assignment by the Jacksonville District which consisted of obtaining topographic and hydrographic survey data, as well as digital orthophotography, along approximately 10 miles of near and offshore coastline located in Brevard County. Data acquired was utilized for Project Plan and Specification creation as well as meeting State DEP requirements in fulfillment of the existing Coastal Monitoring Plan for Brevard County. This critical schedule project required that data be acquired, processed and mapped along 66 historical monitoring profiles and all structures within 15 days. ARC mobilized a experienced coastal mapping group of personnel, and all necessary equipment, and successfully submitted the project to the District within the required 15 day schedule. The ability to perform this project in such a short time was possible due to ARC’s experience in working in coastal environments with ATV’s for crew mobility, and the ability to utilize Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying procedures simultaneously with upland and offshore crews during data acquisition.