2024 Hurricane Season

Based on current forecasts, Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. of Jacksonville, Florida anticipates an increase of emergency hydrographic and topographic surveys during the 2024 Hurricane Season. 75% of our clients throughout the Southeastern US and Caribbean, maintain nearshore and offshore structures and are responsible for safe navigation in debris free channels and ports. Arc’s dredging clients maintain our navigable waterways, working in open waters where foul weather is always a safety concern. The Florida Department of Transpiration maintains hundreds of bridges crossing major waterways, monitoring support structure scouring to assure safe vehicle passage.

Hurricane season can be a stressful time as we all do our best to prepare for potential flooding and high wind damage. As in the past, Arc Surveying & Mapping is prepared to mobilize fully equipped survey vessels to client sites in need of emergency services, providing post hurricane multibeam swath depth sounding and side-scan sonar bottom imagery to assure safe structure, berthing and navigation.

For more information contact info@arcsurveyors.com or visit www.arcsurveyors.com Office: (904) 384 8377