After performing a test hydrographic and geophysical survey at Port Canaveral and presenting the results to Port Authority engineers, Arc was awarded two geophysical tasks to assist ports expansion efforts.

The first project was to determine subsurface characteristics at the proposed Canaveral Entrance Channel expansion.

The second project was for the purpose of identifying subsurface structure conditions for the construction of a new cruise ship berth. Although pre-construction plan design core borings were obtained prior to the geophysical survey, frequent geology changes between borings prompted Port Canaveral to request a resistivity survey illustrating subsurface conditions continuously within the construction area.

The Arc bathymetric geophysical survey will be included in the contract documents.

On the attached image please note that boring logs are illustrated in the geophysical model and the geology can be viewed in layers at any interval.

Based on this information additional boreholes positions were selected to confirm above geophysical findings before tendering the project with accurate sediment, hard and soft rock volume estimates.