Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. provides many types of hydrographic and related surveying services that not only identify existing bathymetric conditions, but also identify existing conditions that may have an effect on the client's project.

This project is indicative of the services the company provides to assist clients in avoiding changed or unknown condition claims by contractors.

On the FDOT Sisters Creek Bridge Removal project, Arc noted variances between the original bridge construction drawing location and the existing bridge support actual locations. The bridge was laser scanned and merged with the multibeam bathymetric survey to provide an existing condition 3D model.


This project also exemplifies Arc's experience with related services such as side-scan sonar imagery, magnetometer ferrous metal detection and Blueview underwater sonar scanning.

During the survey, Arc located objects lying on the bottom surface of the waterway, abandoned pipes and electrical power cables were located including an old piling and a sunken vessel. The bridge demolition and new bridge replacement project were performed by the contractor without changed or differing site condition additional costs.

The requirements of the survey were to establish, recover or re-establish project alignment, analysis and processing of all field collected data, existing maps, and/or reports to identify underwater utilities.

Arc laser scanned the bridge placing it on a bathymetric map as a reference to the location of the utilities and debris identified in the survey area.

Close-up images of side scan debris identified power cables, pipelines etc. that were further tracked under the river bottom by sub-bottom profiling and magnetometer surveys.