Multibeam Condition Surveys

Coal Dock Facility, St. Johns River Power Park

image of river dredging project in St. Johns River, Jacksonville, Florida for Jacksonville Electric Authority


Jacksonville Electric Authority


St. Johns River,

Jacksonville, Florida

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. understanding the purpose for each hydrographic survey and takes the extra step to assure our clients survey data presented in a clear and understandable format. For example, Arc performs quarterly multibeam hydrographic surveys for the Jacksonville Electric Authority at the Northside Generating Station in the St Johns River, Florida. The site is considered a high shoal and the St Johns River Pilots depend on Arc’s maps when berthing loaded coal vessels. Arc colors all elevations above required project grade in red for easy identification. Arc also provides JEA with an “Isopach” of the survey which illustrates the thickness of material that has infiltrated the survey area between quarterly surveys. JEA uses this data for maintenance data budgeting.


Perform quarterly multibeam condition surveys, map existing conditions, and provide shoaling report and quantities. Perform maintenance dredging surveys pre, condition and post. Process data in Hysweep.