Savannah Pipeline Project

Plant Gaston Pipeline Project

image of Pipeline project in Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL for Southern Natural Gas Company


Southern Natural Gas Company


Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL


  • Large scale surveying and mapping
  • GPS/RTK Horizontal and Vertical Control

From 2000 to 2008, we were contracted by Southern Natural Gas Company to perform preliminary and as-built surveys on approximately 168 mile of new pipeline from Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL. Arc utilized its staff from the Tuscaloosa, AL office with expertise in pipeline surveying.

The project consisted of preliminary centerline survey for FERC filing, detailed centerline survey for mapping, boundary surveys and plats for right-of-way acquisition, road and railroad crossing permits and as-built survey.

Prior to the preliminary survey, a control network was established using static GPS. RTK was used to collect data during all phases of the project. During the as-built survey, x,y,z coordinates are collected for every weld and bend along the pipeline. This data was checked for accuracy and sent to client for final as-built drawings.

Equipment Utilized: