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Precise Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning Brings Focus to Your Project

We are continually seeking better methods of data collection and processing that will provide the most efficient and accurate results. Towards this goal, we have added laser scanning systems to our wide variety of surveying services. The laser scanner is capable of capturing and displaying surfaces in 3D. We provide this data in the most popular computing formats including AutoCad and Microstation. Without having to create expensive 3D CAD models, a user can extract point-to-point distances and generate 2D plans, elevations and sections directly from the point clouds. Optical laser scans and multibeam swath soundings can be merged forming a complete 3 dimensional model of port facilities, locks, dams, etc. for any hydrographic surveying project. For more information, contact Arc Surveying & Mapping at either our Florida or Tennessee locations.


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Laser Scan

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