GPS Geodetic Control Networks

GPS Geodetic Control Networks

Operating survey-grade GPS units and processing the data to establish horizontal and vertical geodetic control networks.

image of geodetic control networks

Arc Surveying and Mapping’s GPS capabilities have proven time and again to be the best method of providing accurate and cost efficient geodetic control and feature data positions on almost any survey. Whether establishing project control, photogrammetric control or an alternative to conventional topographic data collection, survey-grade GPS technology has become a daily routine for the crews and surveyors of Arc Surveying and Mapping. Arc maintains the highest standards of accuracy and precision possible utilizing multi-channel tracking dual frequency Trimble GPS receivers.

Arc Surveying and Mapping, Inc. has over 20 years of firsthand experience in planning, operating and processing survey-grade GPS data to establish horizontal and vertical geodetic control networks. The firm has completed GPS geodetic control networks on numerous Jacksonville ACOE projects including; The Everglades Restoration Project, The Kissimmee River Restoration Project, numerous Lake Okeechobee Levee Reconstruction and Flood Control Projects, as well as hundreds of navigation and coastal engineering projects throughout Florida and the Caribbean.

Arc’s professional surveyors are experienced and knowledgeable in the standards associated with geodetic control networks and adhere to the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) “Standards and Specification for Geodetic Control Networks” when establishing horizontal and vertical networks. The firm’s surveyors believe that a well-designed survey project control network will offer the surveyor more flexibility when using fast static, kinematic and RTK survey methods for the survey measurement portion of a project. A well-designed network provides an adequate amount of reference (base) station locations that ties the survey measurement points together and allows for expanding the survey area and providing accurate checks throughout the survey project. Arc’s survey technicians are experienced processors of GPS derived position solutions and have utilized Trimble Business Center for the past decade to perform GNSS data processing and GPS network adjustments.