Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc has provided the US Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District with high accuracy dam deformation and monitoring services in Puerto Rico for over twenty years.

The adjacent description of Arc’s use of high resolution laser scanning at the Portugues dam, Ponce, Puerto Rico is included in the 2002 US Army Engineer “Structural Deformation Surveying Manual 1110-2-1009 (3-4).

Arc also provided conventional first order structural monitoring at the Cerrillos Dam for many years.

Arc’s laser scan of the foundation of the Portugues Dam in 1992 was the first 100% surface coverage of a dam foundation in ACOE history.

The survey not only provided the most accurate basis for quantities of roller concrete materials, it also provided the safest method of surveying and identifying precisely the cracks and voids of both the bottom surface and the steep rock side slopes.

During construction of the Portugues Dam, Arc performed laser scan and conventional survey for the ACOE contractor, Dragados, SA as they prepared the foundation for grouting and roller concrete materials placement.

Prior to the beginning of material placement Arc provided the ACOE and the Contractor with precise survey data regarding the location of the forms which would be the basis for the accurate location of the dam.

Prior to the placement of roller concrete materials, Arc laser scanned the entire dam site, including all horizontal, vertical control and construction forms, assuring everything was in place.

From ACOE construction drawings Arc generated a 3D model of the proposed dam providing quantities of roller concrete materials required to various elevations.

The laser scanner used for this project was a Riegl VZ400 collecting 122,000 points per second at a range of 2000 ft to 3mm accuracy.

Arc continues to utilize high definition laser scanners from a variety of platforms including static terrestrial, drones (UAV), survey vessels, vehicles including standard trucks to all-terrain 4-wheeled vehicles.

Click here https://youtu.be/Unclbl7fBo0 to view a vessel mounted hydrographic and topographic survey at Freeport Harbour, Bahamas.