Cairo Hydrographic Project

Cairo Illinois

image of hydrographic surveying in cairo illinois


Patton Tully Marine


Cairo, Illinois


  • Bathymetric Surveys – Single beam & Multibeam
  • DGPS Experience
  • River Clearance & Construction Surveys
  • Capability to integrate field survey into digital format

During 2015 Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc (Arc) was contracted by Patton Tully Marine to perform hydrographic surveys as required per USACE specifications in the project contract. The project consisted of the construction of eleven new stone Weirs and three new stone Dikes in the Mississippi River near Cairo, Illinois. Arc was tasked with performing Existing Condition Surveys, Progress Surveys, and As-built Surveys for each new structure and our 24 foot, fully enclosed and climate controlled, survey vessel was assigned to the project. The survey vessel has on board capabilities for single beam and multi-beam surveys using either DGPS or RTK positioning.

Arc utilized its staff of hydrographers and surveyors from the Jacksonville, FL. and Memphis, TN. offices to perform the surveys and mapping required with this contract. With offices in several regions, including the Mississippi River Valley, our staff has extensive knowledge of the geographic changes, terrain, and features of each region. We used that knowledge during this project in finding accessible boat ramps and USACE survey control along the project limits. We worked closely with USACE staff and inspectors to determine river stage elevations and conversions to produce NAVD88 elevation data from the NAVD29 benchmarks throughout the St. Louis District.

Using our RESON SeaBat 7125 and fully automated Survey Vessel, with motion compensation, we provided current Multi-beam surveys to our client after each barge was offloaded. With the quick response and high precision surveys the contractor was able to adjust, if needed, between barge deliveries and continue stone placement with efficiency. In addition, Arc submitted the Existing Condition Surveys, progress surveys, and As-Built Surveys, when applicable, to the USACE inspectors and region office. All field submittals were made using onboard software such as Hypack, Hysweep, and Adobe Acrobat or printed and delivered in hard copy format. Final submittals prepared by the Arc Jacksonville office, were delivered in accordance the USACE standards and prepared in Micro station.