Beach Surveys

Coastal Surveying

image of arc surveying and mapping beach survey

Coastal surveying is one of Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. specialty. The company is proud to be involved in efforts to protect our nation’s fragile and environmentally sensitive coastline through beach surveys. Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. coastal crews have conducted surveys to identify and quantify erosion, to design nourishment, and to monitor the condition of beaches throughout Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and the Caribbean. The company has also been called upon to perform rapid response surveys immediately following hurricanes to help federal, state, and local municipalities better understand, and design for, the effects of such events on various types of coastline. Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is a leader in the application of RTK (real-time-kinematic) GPS surveying in coastal zones. This technology facilitates the collection of large amounts of high quality, topographic and hydrographic data in an environmentally friendly way. Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is experimenting with drones as a non-intrusive method of topographic data collection.