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ArcDMC Sediment Solutions, LLC

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Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. and Dredging & Marine Consultants, LLC have combined services forming ArcDMC Sediment Solutions, LLC (DBA ArcDMC). The company located in Melbourne, Florida provides topographic, hydrographic surveying, geophysical surveys as well as engineering and scientific services including planning, environmental permitting, and project management.

ArcDMC specializes in environmental restoration project strategies that involve removal and disposal of fine-grained, organic bearing (muck) sediment from waterbodies such as rivers, canals, channels, lakes, creeks, lagoons, and bays that are a growing threat to the water quality and future of our fish, wildlife and submerged aquatic resources.

Project services

ArcDMC provides the following state of the art technology, technical and management services for dredging restoration projects:

For more information contact: info@arcdmcsediment.com

Shailesh K. Patel, President spatel@arcdmcsediment.com

John F. Sawyer, Vice-president jsawyer@arcdmcsediment.com