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"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first
four sharpening the axe"

Abraham Lincoln planning quote.

Sharpen your axe – Pre-plan to be more productive by understanding the geophysical characteristics and quantities of your dredging project.

image of Delaware River Maryland Geophysical Profile

Delaware River Maryland Geophysical Profile

Indian River Lagoon, Florida Muck Removal

Indian River Lagoon, Florida Muck Removal

ArcDMC Sediment Solutions, LLC. is comprised of Professional Surveyors, Engineers, Scientists, and Mappers having over thirty years of dredging experience throughout North and South America, including the Caribbean. ArcDMC can remove the guesswork from your next dredging project because we will help you “see” the subsurface materials and avoid claims due to “unforeseen conditions.” Call us for FREE guidance, assistance and quote on your next project!

Geophysical Profile
  • ✔ Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • ✔ Bathymetric & Geophysical Survey
  • ✔ 4D Geophysical Model
  • ✔ Geotechnical Descriptions
  • ✔ Excavation Quantities
  • ✔ Dredging Templates
  • ✔ Automated Excavation Files