Aerial Photogrammetry Project

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USACE, New Orleans District


Louisiana Coastal Areas

PAR collected 4-band digital photography to achieve a photo scale of 1:4,800 (1”=400’) of several areas in coastal Louisiana. The data was acquired with the DMC1 digital mapping camera installed in a fixed-wing aircraft.

PAR produced 1:4,800 scale (1”=400’) CIR orthophotos with a ground pixel resolution of 2.0 foot. The final digital orthophotos were georeferenced to NAD83, with horizontal control based on the Louisiana State Plane Coordinate System, South Zone. The final CIR orthophotos were delivered in GeoTIFF format on one external drive. Data was collected over 10 different areas spread throughout the southern portion of Louisiana totaling 4140 Sq. KMs. The total number of images was 1449 images to cover the 10 different areas.

Aerial Triangulation refined EO information was used in conjunction with USGS elevation data to produce a highly accurate DEM using Simactive Correlator3D auto correlation. Rectifications where created using Simactive Correlator3D and then mosaiced with automated seamline placement. Mosaiced imagery was reviewed for radiometric and aesthetic quality and any edits needed were performed.

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