3D Mapping & Modeling
image of BIM for Offshore facilities

3D Mapping & Modeling

BIM Offshore Structure Modeling

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. generates “Building Information Models” (BIM) from billions of xyz point cloud data collected utilizing high resolution mobile and static topographic laser scanners and high frequency bathymetric multibeam swath systems. Georeferenced point cloud data are processed in sophisticated software platforms specifically designed to produce intelligent building information models that are user friendly. Arc’s models are developed by experienced professional surveyors and engineers that understand site conditions and the needs of individual clients. This Offshore Structural Model replaces paper as-built drawings and identifies the positions, sizes and quantities of assets. The model is ideal for retrofit and repair and may be populated with any applicable data such as costs, materials, flowrates, manufacturers, photos, installation dates, topography, bathymetry, scour, inspection reports, etc. For more information contact Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. at www.arcsurveyors.com or call 1-904-384-8377

Virtual Reality 3D Walkthrough

Arc Surveying and Mapping, Inc. provides, 3D, interactive, virtual reality walk-through in a game like format that can be navigated by users with minimal computer skills. Models are created by utilizing laser scanned data, newly designed plans, as built drawings or a variety of other sources. Models can even be linked to databases, which is particularly useful for facility management projects. To see this product in action, place your mouse over the text below (fast connection required). Due to the large size of video files, these animations are very small. If you are interested in obtaining a CD showing full sized examples, please contact us at info@arcsurveyors.com.

CAD / GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Arc’s mappers are highly proficient in the use of AutoCAD and MicroStation, along with many other types of CAD and engineering software.

We produce precise topographic and bathymetric maps, digital terrain models, and volume computations. Maps can be provided in paper or digital format, on compact disc, or through electronic transfer in english or metric units.

We utilize the most current technology available to ensure a quality product at the most economic rates. Costs are based on the complexity of the task and the estimated time to produce a finished product.

Always moving towards the future, Arc is providing 3–dimensional data of surveys to engineering clients, permitting design to build or redesign on precise as-built models.

Laser Scanning

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is committed to providing clients with the most accurate and reliable data possible. To that end, we use sophisticated laser scanning systems capable of capturing and displaying surfaces in three dimensions. Once the data is compiled, it is provided to clients using common software formats, including AutoCad and Microstation.

Sonar Scanning

Arc uses a 3D mechanical scanning sonar system that delivers high resolution imagery for underwater areas, structures, and objects. This new technology creates 3D point clouds underwater in low or zero visibility conditions. The system provides seamless integration with our traditional above water optical laser scanning process.

3D Holograms

Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has the capabilities of turning your next project into a scaled 3D hologram for detailed presentations. This unique digital hologram will provide your audience with an extremely vivid color image that can be seen from every angle. No special glasses are required and require only a simple LED or halogen light for viewing.

Holographic Digital Prints for Digital Mapping

Some of the key features of our holographic digital prints include:


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