Rio de la Plata and Puerto Nuevo


USACE, Jacksonville District


Bayamon, Catona, Dorado, Guaynabo, San Juan, Toa Alta, Toa Baja, & Trujillo Alto Provinces, Puerto Rico

PAR was tasked to perform an airborne LiDAR survey in San Juan, Puerto Rico to support hydrologic modeling within the Rio de la Plata and Puerto Nuevo regions of Puerto Rico. The two project areas comprise approximately 404 square kilometers of land and adjacent water bodies. (156 sq. miles), with a point density of approx. 15 Pts ^m. LiDAR relative accuracy is 5cm line to line and an Absolute Accuracy of 10cm RMSE on Bare Ground.

A ground control survey was conducted by PAR to survey 150 control and check points used to control the LiDAR accuracy. Check points were surveyed to assess the accuracy of the LiDAR DEM in various land cover categories.

PAR deployed a Cessna 206 aircraft and based out of San Juan for the collection of the LiDAR. Because of the nature of the weather the collection took approx. 10 days with weather standby.

Final data processing is being done in PAR’s office in Huntsville AL.

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